Tuesday, October 3, 2017

City of Prince Rupert issues Wildlife advisory related to Lynx sighting

Reports of a lynx sighting in the Borden Street area of the city have seen the City issue a public advisory for residents, offering guidance to protect their small pets and bring them in at night if possible.

The City also notes that the situation has been reported to the Conservation Officer Service based out of Terrace.

As part of the advisory, the notice reminds the public that lynx are understood to be non-aggressive animals, and residents should not be alarmed by the recent sightings. No description of the animal was provided as part of the notification.

You can learn more about lynx here and here

The Northwest lynx
(from conservation NW website)
The City has notified residents of a sighting of a lynx
in the Borden street area

The City's notice as posted late Tuesday afternoon to the city website and social media platforms.

Should you spot the animal you can report the sighting to the Conservation service at 1-877-952-27277  (RAPP) 

More notes on human-wildlife conflict and contact can be found here

More items of interest related to Northwest Emergency Responders can be found here.

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