Tuesday, October 10, 2017

City sets paving schedule for October

Adventure Paving will be busy on city streets over the next few weeks.
The Prince Rupert based contractor has a list of eight streets to work on

(picture from Adventure Paving website)

With the first of the year's frost arriving in the city, it may seem a little late in the year for a paving project for some, but October will be paving month for the City of Prince Rupert, with eight areas of the city pegged for some blacktop over the next few weeks.

The City posted a Paving Notice to their website on Friday that notes the work ahead, with Adventure Paving tasked to the larger tasks, while City work crews will be conducting road maintenance such as pothole repairs and curb repairs at the same time.

Those travelling through the areas that will be paved are reminded to obey all signs and flag persons in the construction zones as the work is underway.

You can get more information on the current project, as well as any updates to come from the City Website.

More notes on the city's ongoing infrastructure work can be found here.

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