Thursday, February 1, 2018

More snow set to arrive for Terrace/Kitimat/Stewart regions

Travellers with eastbound plans out of Prince Rupert will want to keep a watchful eye on the Drive BC updates over the next 12 to 24 hours, with Environment Canada issuing yet another Snowfall Warning for the North Coast Inland areas.

What is being described as a "long period of snowfall" is about to arrive as a slow moving Low pressure front mixes with precipitation from off the coast of British Columbia, all of which will deliver another 25 to 30 centimetres of snow to the inland areas over the next 24 hours.

Stewart could see accumulations of up to 40 centimetres by Friday evening.

A SnowFall Alert has been issued for North Coast Inland areas
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According to statistics from the Environment Canada website, the Terrace area has seen in excess of 100 cm of snow in the period from January 29 to 31.

Something which is making for some very sore shoulders and legs as Inland residents continue to shovel their way through the ongoing systems.

For the North Coast coastal sections the approaching Pacific system will make mostly for a Rain event with the first suggestion of show not listed until at least Sunday evening.

For the North Coast coastal areas Rain is the main feature of the forecast
with the greatest threat of Snow not listed until at least Sunday evening

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You can keep up to date on any changes to the forecast from the Environment Canada website.

Road Conditions can be accessed from the Drive BC website and Twitter Feed

Snow has started to fall again in the Terrace region, with the potential for
up to another 30 cm of snow by Friday evening. Above is the
Intersection of Highways 16 & 37 in Terrace at  7:45 PM

You can also review the latest highway camera updates from across the region through  our Northwest camera link here.

For more items related to past weather incidents on the North Coast see our archive page

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