Friday, May 18, 2018

Annual Business walk to provide City with more data on Business issues in Prince Rupert

Taking the pulse of the local business community, the annual business walk
around Prince Rupert took place on Thursday
(photo from Prince Rupert Economic Development Office)

The streets of Prince Rupert were an active place on Thursday, as a group of local officials and volunteers criss-crossed the city to seek out the opinion of the city's business sector on the issues that were of most concern to them.

The Annual Business walk featured assistance from a number of local groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest, Ecotrust Canada, the Province of British Columbia and other local volunteers with an interest in the fate of the business community in Prince Rupert.

The group  contacted each business individually for a fifteen minute survey to learn directly from business owners as t\o what the most significant benefits and challenges about doing business in Prince Rupert may be, as well as hear about what future plans they may have.

The Prince Rupert Economic Development Office will review the data collected over the course of Thursdays survey and provide the results of their findings at some point in the near future.

Members of the local media were tagging along for the survey walk on Thursday, you can review some of their observations on the day from our Commercial Sector archive page.

The concerns of local business have been a frequent theme for Prince Rupert City Council in recent weeks, with the Council receiving two reports of note on the theme.

The first was a review of the state of the business community from the City's own Small Business Advisory Committee, which delivered a report that mirrored many of the themes that City Council has explored in recent months.

A second report was delivered this week at City Council's Monday session, with three local members of the business community providing the findings of a report that they put together as part of their completion of a Master's of Business Administration program at SFU.

For a look at some of the past discussion on those themes of business at City Council see our Council Discussion archive page here.

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