Monday, May 28, 2018

City and Prince Rupert Rampage consider advertising partnership for Civic Centre rink

When the next CIHL season comes around in the fall, you may find a few more advertisements around the arena complex as the City and Prince Rupert Rampage give some thought towards a collaboration on a pilot project for advertising as fund raising option for the Senior men's hockey team.

David Geronazzo, the City's Director of Recreation and Community Service will outline the proposal for City Council at tonight's Council meeting, which could see the expansion of advertising space to include the wall sections of the Jin Ciccone Civic Centre rink, where up to 24 8 foot by 40 inch ads could be placed.

The project which would last for one year, would allow the City to review the advertising initiative after the next season ends in 2019, where they could then decide to continue or cancel it depending on how successful the concept proves to be.

Under the project, the Rampage would be responsible for approaching businesses to sell advertising for  the new space, working under guidelines provided by the City, the Recreation Department would charge the Rampage a maintenance fee of 85 dollars per ad, based on the cost to maintain and install the ads.

The fee would cover any costs that the Recreation Department may face when it comes to the new initiative.

The Prince Rupert Rampage are hoping for approval of a pilot project
that could see the Senior men's hockey team sell advertising space at 
the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre Arena
(Arena photo from City of Prince Rupert Annual Report)

In his report for Council, Mr. Geronazzo notes that the new advertising project could be in some competition with the existing advertising program in place which could result in a loss of existing Recreation Department advertising revenue.

According to the Recreation Director, in preparation for the pilot project the City approached all of the ice user groups to allow them an opportunity to express interest in the proposed initiative, with the Rampage the only group to show interest.

Should the program prove to be successful, it would provide for another stream of sustainable revenue for the Senior Men's team, which faces a number of expenses through the CIHL season, it will also provide an opportunity for local businesses to lend their name and financial assistance to the Rampage in the community.

You can review the full report for council from the City's Agenda package starting on page 7.

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