Monday, May 14, 2018

Lions Club lend a hand to Complete Streets for Prince Rupert plans

Lions help spread the word for Complete Streets, the local organization will 
use the 800 dollar donation from the Lions to further
their information campaign on road safety concepts 
(photo from Complete Streets for Prince Rupert)

The local organization looking to make our streets a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists have received some welcome funding from a local service club.

The Lions Club of Prince Rupert has made a donation of 800 dollars towards the initiatives of Complete Streets for Prince Rupert an organization that is working towards the goal of safer, more accessible and more enjoyable streets for everyone.

The donation from the Lions will be put to use as part of Complete Streets information campaign timed for Seafest weekend, with the group looking to spend the donation on banners, stickers and other promotional material to help spread their message over next months community festival.

Complete Streets appeared at Prince Rupert City Council back in February when  Chris Lightfoot from the organization outlined a number of traffic calming measures that the group would like to try out on the city's streets this year.

Momentum for some of their plans has picked up in recent months following a string of high profile motorist/pedestrian incidents in the city, mainly in the downtown core.

You can review their announcement of the funding here.

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