Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fleet of Foot Smithereens dominate Zones Track and Field event at Charles Hays Secondary

The Track at Charles Hays Secondary is all but abandoned today, but last
Thursday and Friday it was the centre of the Northwest Track and Field scene
with the Prince Rupert Boulevard campus hosting the Northwest Zones competition

The 2018 High School Track and Field season came to an end at Charles Hays Secondary school at the start of the Long weekend, with a strong turnout from across the Northwest and Haida Gwaii for the Thursday and Friday events at the Charles Hays field.

Rupert's remarkable stretch of sunny weather held through to the final events of Friday afternoon, making for perfect conditions for those that took to their disciplines over the course of the two days at the CHHS track.

When the last of the events had been completed, the tournament had a definite Smithers stamp on it with student athletes from the Bulkley Valley finding a fair share of their success with both running and the infield events.

Combined Team Scores put the Smithers team far ahead of their competition on the Weekend,

Smithers Secondary School  516.50
Charles Hays Secondary School 118
Centennial Christian School 84
Skeena Middle School 68
Hazleton Secondary 34.50

The Smithers Secondary Squad had strong results in all three Combined Segments finishing first in the Grade 8, Juniors and Seniors competition.

As a team the Charles Hays Rainmakers had Second place success on the weekend in the Junior and Senior Divisions.

Some familiar names from success through the track season continued to make their mark for the Rainmakers,with the Rupert athletes bringing the season to an end with some strong results.

Those participating from Prince Rupert had the following individual results on the weekend

Boys 100 Meter Dash JUNIOR
Dakota Knockwood, 1st, 11:62

Girls 100 Meter Dash JUNIOR
An Do, 4th, 14:33

Boys 100 Meter Dash SENIOR
Cody Schaeffer , 1st, 11:44
Eric Lees, 2nd, 11:46
Henry Vo, 4th, 12:47

Girls 80 Metre Hurdles 30 inch height JUNIOR
Alana Rysstad, 7th, 18:34

Boys 110 Metre Hurdles Senior, 39 inch height SENIOR
Henry Vo, 1st, 20:42
Cody Schaeffer, 2nd, 22:20
Andrew Lowther, 3rd, 22:88

Girls 400 Metre Run JUNIOR
Alana Rysstad, 3rd, 1:27:72
Alison Uppal, 5th, 1:29:44

Boys 400 Meter Run JUNIOR
Ethan Hunter, 8th, 1:12:00

Boys 400 Meter Run SENIOR
Cody Schaeffer, 1st, 57:90
Andrew Lowther, 3rd, 1:07:88

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay JUNIOR
1st Place
CHSS -- Alison Uppal, Sarah Pham, An Do, Alana Rysstad  59:91

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay SENIOR
1st Place
CHSS -- Dakota Knockwood, Andrew Lowther, Henry Vo, Cody Schaeffer  49:28

Girls 200 Meter Dash JUNIOR
An Do, 5th, 31:33
Alison Uppal, 6th, 33:52

Boys 200 Meter Dash JUNIOR
Dakota Knockwood, 1st, 25:20

Boys 200 Meter Dash SENIOR
Cody Schaeffer 1st, 24:78
Henry Vo, 5th, 35:10

Girls 1500 Meter Race Walk JUNIOR
Halle Atchison, 1st, 10:41.63

Girls 300 Metre Hurdles 30 inch height JUNIOR
Alana, Rysstad, 3rd, 1:02:77

Boys 400 Meter Hurdles 36 inch height SENIOR
Cody Schaeffer, 1st, 1:15:26
Andrew Lowther, 2nd, 1:21:70

Boys 800 Meter Run SENIOR
Andrew Lowther, 3rd, 2:39:45

Girls Long Jump JUNIOR
Sarah Pham, 5th, 2.78M

Boys Long Jump JUNIOR
Dakota Knockwood, 2nd, 5.16M
Ethan Hunter, 4th, 4.36M

Boys Long Jump SENIOR
Henry Vo, 1st, 5.57M
Cody Schaeffer, 2nd, 5.14M
Andrew Lowther, 5th,  4.32M

Girls Shot Put 3.0 K JUNIOR
Kaia Jackson, 2nd, 8.58M
Alison Uppal, 3rd, 7.90M
Sarah Pham, 4th, 7.62M

Girls Discus Throw 1.0 K JUNIOR
Kaia Jackson, 2nd, 24.41M
Alison Uppal, 3rd, 18.9M
Sarah Pham, 4th, 18.0 M

Boys Discus Throw 1.75K SENIOR
Dylon Cruz, 3rd, 21.28M

Girls Javelin Throw 500G JUNIOR
Sarah Pham, 2nd, 20.30M
Alison Uppal, 3rd, 19.99M
Kaia Jackson, 5th, 18.39M

Boys Triple Jump SENIOR
Cody Schaeffer, 1st, 10.95M
Henry Vo, 2nd, 10.91M

Boys High Jump JUNIOR
Dakota Knockwood, 1st, 1.65M
Ethan Hunter, 6th, 1.40M

Boys High Jump SENIOR
Henry Vo, 2nd, 1.50M

The CHSS Twitter feed features more notes from the Thursday/Friday event, you can review them here.

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