Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mckay Street Park opening delayed further, with foundation work required, along with inspection

There is still some work to complete and an inspection to go
before the McKay Street Park will finally open to the public

The status of the McKay Street Park made for some commentary at Monday's City Council Session, with Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa inquiring about the current status of the park, which still features fencing to keep residents of the McKay/Kootenay area out of the newly installed children's playground.

In reply, Mayor Brain explained that his understanding was that the foundation of the park requires a bit more work, to even out that segment of the project, as well there will still be an inspection still required at the site prior to its approval for opening.

The Mayor also noted that as the project was that of a volunteer effort, the City needs to ensure that it is up to code.

He advised that it's a process and that he hopes to have the park opened up soon.

You can review the short conversation related to the park's status through the City's Video Archive starting at the one hour, nineteen minute mark.

The last update from Transition Prince Rupert, which is the volunteer group that has been working on the park planning and installation came through the organizations Facebook page back in mid April.

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