Thursday, May 24, 2018

Northern Savings Inspire Bursary program now accepting applications

As the 2017-18 school year begins to wind down on the North Coast, students with plans for a post-secondary path can take advantage of an opportunity from Northern Savings to claim a share of the financial institutions Bursary program

The Northern Savings Inspire Bursaries program is now accepting applications for this years distribution with three bursary opportunities available to be awarded to North Coast students who have been accepted into a recognized post-secondary institution.

The bursary distribution features one, 1,500 dollar bursary, a 1,000 dollar bursary and one, 500 dollar bursary.

The apply students must be a current member or have opened a membership at Northern Savings Credit Union, and are residents of the communities of the Northwest served by Northern Savings.

Those looking to apply for the bursary program have two options they can pursue as part of their application process.

They can either submit a 750 word, or less essay or a two  minute or less video presentation that explores the following theme:

Northern Savings vision statement is neighbours helping neighbours to build sustainable communities. Considering the skills you will acquire through your post-secondary studies, how will you be able to help build sustainable communities?

You can download the full application form and Terms for participation from the Northern Savings website here.

The deadline for submissions for the bursary program is June 30th.

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