Monday, May 14, 2018

Council to announce new Board appointments as part of Monday session

It will be appointment night in Prince Rupert tonight, as Council members reveal some of their recent decisions from an April Closed Meeting of City Council which saw a number of local residents appointed to three Boards which the City oversees.

The appointments to the assorted Boards came after a call for applicants from the first week of April

All of the appointments which were made during the Closed council session of April 23rd, saw Council appoint 10 Rupertites to positions in three areas of Council's overview.

Prince Rupert Airport Authority

The Advisory Board on aviation and the Prince Rupert Airport will see three appointments to a two year term in place, with Ms.Gloria Rendell, Mr. Kelly Sawchuk and Mr. Knut Bjorndal all returning to the Board.

The Board provided for a bit of controversy last year when Prince Rupert City Council changed the make up of the Authority, installing  three members of City Staff onto the board, as well as to appoint Paul Venditelli as the Board Chair.

May 12, 2017 -- Change to Airport Board make up takes to the letters pages
April 21 2017  -- City changes direction for airport oversight, with four new members named to Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board

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Small Business Advisory Council 

The project championed by Councillor Blair Mirau has added one more name its collective of those that are tasked to explore the issues facing the business community in Prince Rupert, with Ms. Rosa Miller appointed to a two year term with the Council.

That group recently delivered their first report to City Council, a document which mirrored many of the recent discussion points that have become the narrative for the Mayor and Council over the last three years.

April 25, 2018 -- Small Business Committee Report finds common ground with many City Council initiatives

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Prince Rupert Recreation Commission Board

The final board brings a collection of new faces to the Prince Rupert Recreation Commission Board, with six residents appointed to oversee all of the facets of the delivery of recreation programs and services in the community.

Appointed to the Board are Ms. Joy Sundin, Ms. Sheri Pringle, Mr. Bruce Watkinson, Mr. Ralph Weick, Ms. Joyce Charlton and Ms. Anna-Marie Prohaska. 

Council has also named Councillor Wade Niesh as the Chair of the Recreation Commission.

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