Tuesday, May 29, 2018

First Presbyterian Church brings 93 years of service to Prince Rupert to a close Wednesday

The doors close for the final time this Wednesday evening, when the
First Presbyterian Church observes a decommissioning Service at 7PM

The First Presbyterian Church, a landmark in Prince Rupert since 1925 will close its doors to its congregation tomorrow, as the Fourth Avenue East's House of Worship, hosts a decommissioning Service at 7PM.

The fate of  the church that dominates the skyline overlooking the East side of the city succumbing to dwindling numbers, its congregation aging with fewer and fewer members available to keep the doors open.

It's closing marks the end of an era for First Presbyterian which was established in Prince Rupert in 1908.

It could be one of the most photographed churches of the community looming as large as it does over the Court House area of the city, past photos posted through the years, particularly those in a winter setting have made for a stunning visual presence.

The Decommissioning Service to be followed by light refreshments in the lower hall. 

Over the years, the Church and its hall had been the focal point for many community events and social activities, word of it's upcoming closure is bringing Prince Rupert residents to their social media pages on Facebook to share memories of past events and to wonder as to the fate of the actual building once the doors close for good following Wednesday evening's Service.

Some suggestions have suggested turning the building into low cost housing for those residents in need, other looking towards higher end housing options perhaps.

When it was not in use for religious observances and related events, the Church also served as a concert venue with a number of artists performing there over the years, making the best use possible of the acoustical ambience that the building provided.

The word of the decommissioning service has echoed across the city's other places of worship, with some suggesting that their congregations should join those of the 4h Avenue Church as they travel the last few hours for their historic site.

Those wishing to attend the farewell to the Church, are invited to attend the Wednesday evening service, the church is located at 233 4th Avenue East.

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