Thursday, May 17, 2018

Prince Rupert RCMP jail renovations underway

No there hasn't been a jail break, the open door policy at the RCMP station
reflects the work now underway as part of the jail cell renovation project

Work has begun on the city's renovation for the Prince Rupert RCMP detachment's jail cells, with Marcan Construction busy to the task of bringing the city's jail cell facility up to Federal standards.

The need for renovations has been a frequent topic for the City to review over the last year, with the current project first introduced in June of 2017,  that after Council was presented with a number of options to consider.

Among them were the prospect of closure for the jail cell and the costly transfer of prisoners to other facilities in the province, with Prince Rupert to pick up that bill.

The Construction of a Temporary facility was also on the short list, but the cost of such a path was actually more than the minimal modifications that would bring the existing structure up to code.

Council was also presented the option of hiring more guards for the prisoner area, with it estimated that the City would have had to double the guard contingent until a new building was constructed.

The project which came in with a bid price of 456,000 dollars will buy the City a bit of time as they look to explore the larger requirement of providing for a new RCMP detachment in the city.


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The larger issue of the replacement building for the RCMP will most likely fall to the next elected council in October to follow up and act on.

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