Saturday, May 26, 2018

Blustery day no obstacle for Prince Rupert's Relay for Life participants

Just after the midway point of today's Relay for Life, Prince Rupert participants
were still going strong as the made their rounds of the Prince Rupert Middle School track

A blustery North Coast Saturday, which at times offered up the threat of heavy rain, has for the most part held the weather at bay, making for a windy but not overly harsh twelve hours for Relay for Life participants at the Prince Rupert Middle School.

The strong winds that continue to flow across the North Coast did make for some on the site changes with organizers having to take down all of the tents and other elements of the infield section of the course that are normally part of the day's event.

And while the day did deliver one or two spurts of a strong downpour, Spirits remained high, the pace impressive as participants made their trip around the Middle School track.

The final turn of each circuit taking them into a pretty strong headwind at times as the gusts rolled across the infield.

Across the parking lot at the Civic Centre, the firefighters of Prince Rupert Fire Rescue were doing their part to raise money on the day, hosting a car wash that attracted a steady stream of traffic through their time on the McBride Street side of the recreation complex.

Prince Rupert Firefighters were doing a steady business of car washing on
Saturday in support of today's Relay for Life

The Car wash came to an end around 4 PM, the Relay for Life will continue through until 10 this evening. You can drop by to urge the participants on and take in some of the atmosphere of the day.

So far as they head into the home stretch for the 2018 Relay for Life participants have reached just over 61% percent of their 100,000 dollar goal.

You can donate to the cause through the Relay for Life website.

So far as they head into the home stretch for the 2018 edition participants have reached just over 61% percent of their 100,000 dollar goal.

Social Media has been a good place to track the days events, with the #PrinceRupert and Charles Hays Twitter feeds a few of the many online option that has been very active on the day.

The Relay for Life Facebook page also was providing for updates through the day.

Some background on this years event is available from our post from Friday which offered up a preview of today's event.

For more note on Community events see our archive page here.

Update:  Relay officials updated their fundraising totals from Saturday's event, with over 100,000 dollars raised as of Sunday from this years event. You can continue to donate to their efforts through the Relay for Life website.

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