Thursday, May 17, 2018

Prince Rupert Middle School Band performances from MusicFest Canada to be streamed live on Friday

The travelling musicians of Prince Rupert Middle School will be streaming their sounds to the nation tomorrow, with tow performances set to be delivered to your computers for their Friday schedule.

The PRMS Jazz Band will be on Stage A of the competition at 6AM pacific time

The PRMS Concert Band showcases their sound on Stage B at 9AM Pacific time

You an access the streaming feeds here.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain provided the tip off for the performance schedule with a shout out to the students (and their parents at home) on Wednesday.

The 46th Annual National Music Festival is taking place at the campus of the University of Toronto, the Prince Rupert students are in the Ontario metropolis for the latter part of the week, taking in many of the other performances and engaging in the many opportunities to learn more about music and the National music scene.

The event has brought secondary and middle school bands and ensembles from all across Canada for a fairly hectic schedule of performances since the event got underway on Monday, the showcase of Canadian music education comes to an end on Saturday.

You can explore more on the MusicFest here.

The event also features a Facebook page, twitter feed and Instagram page.

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