Friday, May 25, 2018

Digby Island set to show off its art and charms with Sunday showcase

One of the highlights of the start of the summer season is a chance to take a trip across Prince Rupert harbour for the Digby Island Art Show, an annual event that showcases many of the artistic talents of the North Coast and offers a chance to explore an island many of us only see as we travel on to the Prince Rupert Airport.

This years event is set for Sunday from Noon to Five PM and in addition to the works of art that will be on display, the day features the musical stylings of a number of local musicians.

Among those to take to the stage will be:

Frances and Sarah
Ben Cornwall 
Lance Clark
Mr. Sofa
Luke Wallace

Visitors to the Island can also sample some of the tempting food fare planned by the Cow Bay Cafe.

As well as to explore the trails and beach areas of the island.

Ferry Transportation to and from the island is being provided by Adventure Tours, which will have a trip to the Island at Noon and a return to Rupert set for 5 PM.  Adventure tours departs from the Atlin Terminal in Cow Bay.

Those planning to attend the Art Show and festival are reminded that organizers have asked that they leave their pets at home, as they aren't allowed on the ferry. Cost of the trip is ten dollars each way.

You can catch up on what's planned as well as any last minute changes or additions through event page hosted by Digby Island Arts.

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