Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The path towards the Park Avenue Supportive Housing project starts with a Public Notice

The City's Go Map system highlights 1450 Park Avenue (the yellow box)
the property in question for development of
transitional, supportive housing in Prince Rupert.

The first step towards development of the long promised supportive housing Project on Park Avenue did not come from watching the lot at 1450 Park Avenue for signs of progress, but rather from a Legal Notice tucked away in the back pages of the weekly newspaper.

Last Week the City of Prince Rupert provided notice of the plan to lease the municipal property found on Park Avenue, outlining its intention to enter into a lease with the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation (BC Housing) for a portion of land known as 1450 Park Avenue.

The terms of the lease set for an initial period of 40 years, with two extensions of five years each to follow. With the rent for the property in question listed as $10.00 for the life of the lease, including extension periods.

The use of the lot which adjoins the North Coast Transition House Society property on Park is  described as for the development of transitional housing for the community.

As part of the public notice process, anyone with enquiries concerning the property disposition have until the end of this week to express their comments to the City.

The contact person at City Hall for the property listing is Rory Mandryk the City's Corporate Administrator.

You can contact him by email at rory.mandryk@princerupert.ca or by fax at 250-627-099.

The June 1st deadline for submissions arrives at 4PM.

So far there has been no official timeline outlined as to when the construction process will see the first shovels in the ground and when the much anticipated housing facility, which will bring 36 supportive housing units to the community may be ready for occupancy.

The last update on the housing plans from North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice indicated that the construction was set to start sometime this summer, with hopes of a completion date for some time in the fall of this year.

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