Sunday, May 13, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending May 13

The date has been set for an opportunity for the Community to bid its farewell to a long time musical force and influence in the region, with the Lester Centre to host  "The Music Lives On" on June 8th,  a remembrance for Peter Witherly. The long time educator and musical director for many of the community's musical showcase events passed away in February, the June 8th show will bring both former students and long time musical partners together to pay tribute in music.

The Federal Liberals have finally found some forward momentum for the North Coast Tanker Ban, which has now moved on from the House of Commons to the Senate, and as it does, a number of First Nations groups across the Northwest and east have weighed in with some concerns when it comes to proper consultation.

The success of the Province of British Columbia's Highway 16 Transit service continues to grow, with the service now adding larger buses to the Smithers to Prince George legs of the route. The Service currently is in place form Terrace to Prince George stopping at the Terrace city limits, that as officials on the North Coast remain committed to other local options outside of the larger provincial service.

DFO recently announced the closure of the recreational fishery and indicated that decisions related to the the commercial and other fisheries will be made in June. With those latest notes making news this week, an interesting essay of sorts can be found on the UFAWU-Unifor Facebook page, penned by Joy Thorkelson, it provides some history on the shoreworkers labour challenges of the past and the impact that the ongoing issues of the fishery are having on the membership.

And the City of Prince Rupert's plans for some renovations at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre found some forward movement this week, with the Hot Tub Replacement project put out for tender.

The top story however, recalls the music of Peter Witherly and a planned tribute to his work and memory for next month at the Lester Centre.

"The Music Lives On" -- Remembrance for Peter Witherly set for June 8th at the Lester Centre  -- Prince Rupert residents will have a chance to celebrate the life of Peter Witherly in the venue that was his home for much of his time on the North Coast, with June 8th the date for "The Music Lives On" a night of music with those who studied or played with the long time music educator, community musician and advocate of the arts. Mr. Witherly passed away in February of this year  (posted May 9, 2018)

That article was followed by:

North Coast Tanker Ban clears House of Commons, focus now shifts to Senate --  The Government of Canada is one step closer to putting in place its oil tanker ban for the waters of the North Coast , with the bill now off to the Senate for further study and potential approval, though not without a few words of opposition being heard around the Northwest.  (posted May 10, 2018)

BC Transit expands its highway service with larger bus for Smithers to Prince George  -- Such has been the Success of the Highway 16 Transportation service launched by BC Transit, that they have already increased the capacity for the Prince George to Smithers leg of the journey with larger buses. The Service now operates across much of the Northwest, stopping just short of Prince Rupert with a Terrace terminus, that as North Coast officials continue to support an alternative program for this region outside of the provincial service.   (posted May 8, 2018)

As the fishery faces more challenges some members look for their union pension payout -- With the North Coast Fishery looking at another challenging year ahead, the UFAWU-Unifor Facebook page provides a bit of a history lesson of the battles of the past and the challenges workers are facing today      (posted May 10 , 2018)

Earl Mah Aquatic Centre's Hot tube replacement project starts with a request for bids -- The first step towards some signfiicant upgrades to the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre have commenced, with the City seeking bids for work on the Hot Tub replacement project.       (posted May 8, 2018 )

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