Sunday, May 20, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending May 20, 2018

While the City of Prince Rupert may have begun to look ahead to the future for the Watson Island industrial site, a name from the past has returned to the discussion, as the magazine Business in Vancouver explored the latest talking points from Ni Ratao, the Chinese businessman who once had plans for development for the site and believes that the city did not treat him fairly over the issue.

The condition of the city's buildings, derelict autos and other unsightly situations continues to be the focus for Councillor Barry Cunningham who once again raised the need for a Community Clean at this weeks council session.

It's Financial Reporting season for municipal governments and the City of Prince Rupert has started their paper trail of note with the Financial Statements for 2017.

Climate change made for one of North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's conversation topics for the Legislature this week, with the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness making note of a study that relates climate change and the potential for natural disasters.

As work continues on the Northern Sea Wolf, to make the vessel ready for service on the Central Coast this summer, the Premier and MLA Rice took in a tour of the renovations to the vessel at a Victoria shipyard.

The top story however, brings us back to Watson Island, and yet one more chapter in that long running saga that has been prominent on the city's mind for over a decade now.

In Business in Vancouver article, Sun Wave stakeholder Ni Ritao calls Prince Rupert's path on expropriation a "Bad Faith" move -- A wide ranging article in the magazine Business in Vancouver brings back a name from Watson Island's recent past, with a different approach to the story of the Island's recent history. (posted May 15 , 2018)

That article was followed by:

Lack of Civic Clean Up Plans questioned by Councillor Cunningham -- Prince Rupert council member Cunningham reprises some of his concerns over the need for a community clean up for Prince Rupert    (posted May  16, 2018)

City releases notes on recent audit of 2017 Financial Statements -- As we head into the financial reporting season and arrival of the tax bills, the City posted its financial statements for 2017 to the City website.    (posted May 14 , 2018)

Climate Change concerns frame Jennifer Rice's notes on current flood situations in B.C.  --   North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has been providing a range of updates on the current flooding in the province, this week she called attention to issues of Climate Change when it comes to the province's natural disasters     (posted May 15 , 2018)

Northern Sea Wolf nears readiness for Central Coast Ferry Service --  Work continues on the latest acquisition by BC Ferries as they look to finish work on the Northern Sea Wolf which will serve the Mid Coast Ferry route starting in July     (posted May 15 , 2018 )

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