Friday, May 25, 2018

Paving Season underway in Prince Rupert

McBride at Sixth Avenue East is just one of a number locations around
the city where paving preparation is underway for the City of Prince Rupert

Motorists in Prince Rupert have traded in pot hole avoidance to the slow go over pavement preparation sites, as Adventure Paving makes charts a course across the city, chewing up the old pavement and preparing multiple sites for a new coat of asphalt.

The work which has started with pavement stripping has seen crews working along the twin routes of Summit Avenue and the hill leading to it from Taylor, as well as for multiple locations along Sixth Avenue West stretching from the intersection at McBride all the way east to Ambrose Avenue and Hays Cove Avenue.

Traffic control personnel are on the sites as work is underway, with motorists asked to follow their instructions through the construction zones and proceed with caution around workers and equipment.

The City of Prince Rupert provided notification of the work on Thursday through their Facebook Page and twitter feed.

The paving program is expected to cover a number of trouble areas around the city as the summer months move towards the fall.  The City outlined the areas that they wished to cover for 2018 as part of their Request for Bids in April which made note of the eleven main areas for focus for this summer.

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