Friday, May 25, 2018

Mayor Brain meets with Lower Mainland officials to seek common ground on Port Caps

Mayor Brain highlighted his stance on 
Provincial Port Cap issues  with 
meetings with Lower mainland officials on Thursday

Mayor Lee Brain's week long tour of Vancouver continued into Thursday as Prince Rupert's top elected official met with a number of Lower Mainland mayors and other representatives, with Mayor Brain looking to find some common ground on the issue of Port Taxation Caps with Municipal officials from that region.

According to the latest dispatch from the Mayor's Facebook page, representatives from Vancouver, Surrey, North Vancouver and Squamish were in attendance for the meeting, with Mr. Brain's hope one of finding a joint solution towards the province's caps on taxation and the impact that it has on communities with port facilities.

The issue of the Port Caps made for a portion of the Mayor's recent Hays 2.0 presentation at the Lester Centre, with Mr. Brain identifying that Tax restriction and the Ridley Island Tax Agreement with Port Edward as the two main irritants that the city has at the moment when it comes to funding from Port related facilities.

City's Budget Presentation now available online; providing City's message along with a review of revenues, expenses and taxation loads.

The trip to North Vancouver for the meeting on Thursday, followed two days at the Art of Cities Conference hosted by the CityStudio Vancouver.

At that gathering the Mayor and Ecotrust Canada's Nathan Randall explored possible blue prints for a North Coast Innovation Centre/Hub that they hope to develop in Prince Rupert.

With a return to Rupert for the weekend, Mayor Brain will have an opportunity to share some of the details of his travels with the public as part of Monday's City Council session.

For more items related to the work of Council see our Council Discussion page here.

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