Thursday, May 31, 2018

Prince Rupert Crimestoppers prepare to launch new initiatives through their online presence

The local home for Crimestoppers on the North coast is setting the stage for some expanded content to their information flow in Prince Rupert .

The local organization offered up a little sneak preview through their Facebook page on Wednesday with a short message to update those that follow their page that some changes are on the way, including a new feature to be known as WANTED in Prince Rupert, as well as a new way to report crime in the community through a mobile app, along with other initiatives that they are quite ready to share details on at the moment.

If the group is looking for suggestions as to how to expand their content, one idea that they might want to pick up on, is how the Terrace Detachment keeps its residents informed on the range of case files that their members take on during the course of a day.

The Terrace detachment has had a long running listing available on their website which provides for updates for the public with a Detachment Service Report (see here) which provides some background on recent calls for service, offering up a glimpse of some of the work that their members face on a daily basis.

Offering a similar listing for Prince Rupert may give North Coast residents a better understanding of the nature of the average day for policing in this community.

No timeline was provided yesterday as to when they hope to roll our their new features.

You can access their current content through the Prince Rupert Crimestoppers Facebook page here.

For a look at some of the case files of Emergency Responders in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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