Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Items from Municipal and Regional Government on the North Coast -- 2020 Archive

A quick reference guide to issues of Municipal and Regional Government  on the North Coast.

City of Prince Rupert Emergency Information

City of Prince Rupert City Council Archives 2020
2020 Discussion points from Prince Rupert City Council
Public Hearings 2020
Legacy Corporation Archives
Employment and Labour Notes

2020 Budget Planning and Consultation Issues
2020 Infrastructure and Major Projects for the City of Prince Rupert
2020 Waterfront Development - Recreation - Commercial Land Issues
2020 Taxation Issues for the City of Prince Rupert
2020 Bids and Tenders for the City of Prince Rupert
2020 ReDesign Rupert and Sustainable City Initiatives

2020 Archive of Prince Rupert Cannabis Applications
2020 Grant Funding Applications

Resource Benefits Alliance Archive 2020

City of Prince Rupert at NCLGA (Archive when event takes place)
City of Prince Rupert at Southeast Conference (Archive when event takes place)
City of Prince Rupert at UBCM (Archive when event takes place)

2020 District of Port Edward Discussion Points

North Coast Regional District Points

School District 52 Notes for 2020

Municipal and First Nations Government Issues in Other Northwest communities

Archive of items from 2019
Archive of items from 2018
Archive of items from 2017
Archive of items from 2016
Archive of items from 2015
Archive of items from 2014
Archive of items from 2013

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