Friday, January 7, 2022

New Year and growth of Omicron variant makes for new restrictions for long term care residences and visitor access

Prince Rupert's Acropolis Manor is just one of many Long Term
Care facilities with new visitation rules in place for January

As we move further into 2022, the landscape of our COVID times is resembling that of a few years ago, with the Provincial government responding to the latest variant of the coronavirus with new restrictions when it comes to Long Term Care facilities in the province.

On Wednesday, Northern Health posted the latest notes on restrictions for the facilities  of Northern British Columbia, with residents of facilities such as Acropolis manor now allowed essential visitors and one designated social visitor.

That program to start on Monday, January 10th will be in place once testing opportunities are available at the facilities, Northern Health outlined some of the background as part of an information release available here.

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To find out more information on the status of Acropolis Manor and any additional notes on how visitors are being accepted there, contact the facility at 250-622-6400.

More notes on Northern Health can be explored from our archive pages.

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