Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Shake Out today, in preparation for the real thing in the future

British Columbians will give some thought to Earthquake preparedness on Thursday, as we all take part in the Great BC Shakeout.

At 10:17 this morning, those participating across the province will Drop, Cover and Hold On! Part of a world wide earthquake awareness program, to get the message of earthquake preparation out to the public.

Thursday's drill will put in motion an earthquake preparation plan that will take place as schools, businesses, industry and residents of homes and apartments all review how they would handle a major earthquake in the province.


With the North Coast on an active fault line, (as has been seen in the last year) preparation is key to the goal of surviving a major traumatic event in the region. Whether it be the danger caused by the actual earthquake, or the follow up tsunami which could make for as much, if not more damage to the coastal region.

A guideline to what the Great BC Shakeout is all about can be found here.

Locally, CFNR Radio will be participating in the drill providing the audio alarm for those looking for true authenticity to the day's proceedings.

The webpage for today's exercise, offers up many links to further information regarding not only preparation but what to do in the event of an earthquake.

And for those that didn't have time to plan for today's province wide shake out, you can still hold your own drill and register with Shake Out BC within the next 2 weeks.

You can follow more developments on ShakeOutBC from their twitter feed and facebook page.

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