Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Prince Rupert's night for goblins and ghouls, perhaps a bit damp, but always cool!

As Prince Rupert prepares to watch the parade of door to door ghouls and goblins, a cautious eye will be cast on the forecast, hopeful that Environment Canada's weather spells provide good omens for trick or treating.

However, preparations for a wet Halloween might be best for those going out, taking their children door to door tonight.  The  Halloween forecast is for the rain of the morning to continue through the day and most likely into the evening.

So unless the weather patterns change through the afternoon, Prince Rupert could be offering up a damp outing for youngsters for the prime trick or treat hours of 5 until 8.

And while the weather may dictate as to how many youngsters call on your door, the indoor festivities at the Civic Centre should once again attract a fairly large crowd, ready to take in all of the activities of Halloween fest.

The Civic Centre opens its doors to the costumed creatures of the night at 6 PM, with some 20 different games and activities inside for kids to play and collect their treats at.

As well there will be the always popular costume parade and this year a number of raffles for different age categories offering up a wide range of prizes for participants.

The indoor activities wrap up at 8 PM, giving all enough time to head outside and take in the fireworks display, which providing the winds don't pick up drastically, will take place at 8:15.

Prince Rupert's Halloween Fest is put on through the work of volunteers on the Halloween Fest Committee and from donations by local businesses and individuals. You can review some of the work involved in pulling off the yearly festival from the items below.

October 30-- Prince Rupert's Hallowe'en Fest tomorrow night 
October 28-- Prince Rupert prepares for 26th Annual Halloween Festival
October 28-- Prince Rupert Halloween Festival (video)
October 23-- Prince Rupert's Hallowe'en Fest in need of volunteers

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