Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scratching Mr. Cullen off the BC NDP Leadership depth chart?

Time, NDP style it seems, will wait for no one.

Not even a popular NDP MP, who has recently been taking to a little toe testing into changing his political focus to the provincial scene.

The BC NDP announced on Monday, that the most likely date of a leadership convention to replace Adrian Dix will be in May 25, 2014.

A timeline that perhaps won't be much to the liking, or helpful for planning for the Skenna-Bulkley Valley MP.

As we outlined on the blog last week, Mr. Cullen had outlined that his prospects of running in a leadership campaign would be better for a long range target of 2015, as opposed to a short track campaign in 2014.

His is an opinion that has been shared by a number of other potential NDP leadership hopefuls, the consensus being that the BC branch of the NDP may wish to take the long view, not the short one when it comes to a convention date.

That however, would appear to have been a talking point that didn't get much time on the agenda for the upper ranks of the provincial party.

In a media release on Monday, NDP officials announced their preference for the timeline of replacing Mr. Dix. The recommendation of a May 2014 convention apparently coming after consultations with the legislative caucus, local constituency presidents and Mr. Dix himself.

It appears that the thinking for the provincial NDP officials is one of the sooner the better, when it comes to launching the leadership campaign.  Putting that future face of the NDP into the Legislature, as soon as possible to face Premier Christy Clark.

Political observers in Victoria believe that should the BC NDP go with the 2014 option, the current wish list of Federal MP's looking to come home, may soon find names dropping off in quick order. That as the Federal members weigh their best personal and political options.

In the case of Mr. Cullen, as he outlines for Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail, an early leadership date for the convention could be the sign off point for him, indicating his intention to step aside from a provincial competition once again.

Spring date too soon for B. C. NDP leadership convention, Cullen says

Should he decide not to seek the provincial leadership, it will mark the second time that he has given consideration to a switch to provincial politics and then decided to remain in Ottawa instead.

The final answer answer from NDP officials as to the timeline of a leadership convention is expected to be delivered by the end of the week.

The potential of a May 2014 leadership date, one which sideswipes a number of high profile potential candidates, may soon prove to be the next controversial thing for the party to deal with.

A decision which may divide the party even more between party insiders and the larger collective of NDP supporters. One which goes against their wishes for a leadership race that offers as large a pool of talent as possible, with perhaps a larger discussion on the NDP future, one with a few new ideas and plans for the party faithful to consider for the path ahead.

Some of the views on the NDP dilemma can be found below.

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