Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Malaysian Petronas Announcement gives the North Coast some time in the media spotlight

As we outlined on the blog on Sunday, the Malaysian Prime Minister offered up his endorsement of a high profile 36 Billion dollar investment by Petronas in LNG infrastructure for the province.

A nod to the proposed development that has moved LNG issues back to the top of the media cycle.

Needless to say, 36 Billion dollars tends to catch one's attention and the Petronas story has once again fired up the southern (and national) media outlets, with many of them taking note of Prime Minister Najib's comments and examining the background of it all on Monday.

The announcement was given a segment on CKNW's Simi Sara program, with the LNG discussion coming up at the 1 PM mark (review it here from the CKNW audio player October 7 1PM to 1:15)

As well, Mark Forsythe was discussing LNG during his early afternoon program BC Almanac, he hosted a number of discussions on the prospect of the Petronas investment and it's potential impact on Northwest BC (you can listen in on that discussion here)

Global BC featured this report on the Petronas developments, following it up with this report on the growing competition in BC over LNG projects.

Over at CTV, they featured this item on the announcement from Sunday.

The story also made National news, with the CBC's  flagship news program The National exploring it in a segment of the Sunday night broadcast, you can watch items from that newscast here and here.

For more Northwest background, you can review our archive of LNG related items from two locations, our archive of all items of note on the LNG prospects and this archive of projects proposed for the North Coast Region.

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