Tuesday, October 15, 2013

City Council Preview for October 15, 2013

With the Thanksgiving long weekend behind them, Prince Rupert City Council returns in session on Tuesday evening, featuring a fairly light agenda to chew over for the first session of October.

The night will begin as many in the past, with a Closed session of Council.

The details on two items (as few as those details may be)  are posted to the City's website (see here).

Among the discussion points in closed session, the acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land and litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Once they have addressed those items of the Closed session, Council will reconvene at 7 PM for the public portion of the night, the full Agenda can be reviewed here.

The Highlights of  the night's work ahead can be found below, reference the Agenda package by the page numbers listed in red and found in the agenda link found above.

Reports, requests for correspondence and a review of the Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw are among some of the talking points for the evening.

In addition to the regular business of council they will seeming discuss a few other items of note, including Improvement to Airport Services, a look at the Travel Policy and setting up some Dates for Strategic planning Budget Sessions.

Tuesday night's session will begin with the Adoption of the Agenda and recording of past minutes and Petitions and Delegations, with those housekeeping items out of the way, council will accept a number of reports for consideration.

They begin the evening with a Report from the General Manager of Engineering and Public Works, outlining the proposed contract with Coast Industrial Construction for Drilling, Blasting and Crushing at the Prince Rupert Landfill site (you can review the particulars on the request from page 11 of the Agenda Package)

Next up will be a Report from the Executive Assistant, outlining the receipt of 2014 Community Enhancement Grant Applications, providing some background information on this years process and seeking guidance from Council in how best to move the process forward. (you can review the particulars on the request from page 14 of the Agenda Package)

The City has received two correspondences for action to review on Tuesday evening.

The first is a letter the Self Advocacy Group seeking a proclamation request to proclaim October as Community Living Month in the city of Prince Rupert (Page 17 of the Agenda Package)

The second correspondence is a letter from the Ministry of Children and Family Development, also seeking a proclamation for the Month of October to be proclaimed Foster Family Month in the City of Prince Rupert (Page 19 of the Agenda Package)

Next on their planner for Tuesday, Council will deliver any resolutions from their Closed meetings.

The Permissive Property Tax Exemption Amendment Bylaw (3335,2013) is up for three readings on Tuesday, Details on the Bylaw process can be found on (Page 21 of the Agenda Package)

Three additional items have been added to the Agenda for the evening, with Council set to review and discuss Improvement to Airport Services, the Travel Policy and set up dates for future Strategic Planning and Budget sessions.

The City Manager will provide for his report on any outstanding Council initiatives and Councillors will then have the opportunity to share any additional items they feel may require Council's attention.

And with that the October 15th session will draw to a close.

The next public session of council will take place on October 28th.

Our archive of the October 15th session can be found here.

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