Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BC Education website helps parents learn more about local schools

There's a new resource for parents seeking more information about schools in Prince Rupert, as the Ministry of Education has rather quietly introduced an online search engine to offer details on schools across the province.

Janet Steffenhagen, the one time Education reporter for the Vancouver Sun and now a blogger for the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils outlined the background of the website,  a parental resource which didn't gain a great amount of attention when it was introduced.

Ms. Steffenhagen, a long time advocate for education through her work, offered up a quick snapshot of what the Ministry service is all about and what is involved with it.

The on line portal is to serve as a guide for parents to learn more about schools in their community and for some may prove to be a more acceptable form of comparison than what the annual rankings from the Fraser Institute may provide for.

Fraser Institute report 2013 Elementary Schools
Fraser Institute report 2013 Secondary Schools

For some parents as well as educators and administrators, the Fraser Institute reports prove to be rather controversial, with suggestions of an agenda driven approach taken by the authors of the reports from year to year.

The Ministry project provides a wide range of basic information on each school in communities across the province, but doesn't have the ranking process in place as the Fraser Institute reports provide.

What you may find when you dig deep into the data are such items of interest as Class size summaries, Student Statistics, Teacher Statistics, Achievement Reports and Special Reports.

The Overall District Review can be examined here.

Reports for each of the Prince Rupert Schools can be found below, both raw data and a more user friendlier version called Discover your School.

Public Schools in School District 52

Conrad Elementary School (Ministry Data)
Conrad Elementary School (Discover Your School)

Lax Keen Elementary School (Ministry Data)
Lax Keen Elementary School (Discover Your School)

Pineridge Elementary School (Ministry Data)
Pineridge Elementary School (Discover Your School)

Roosevelt Park Elementary School (Ministry Data)
Roosevelt Park Elementary School (Discover Your School)

Port Edward Elementary School (Ministry Data)
Port Edward Elementary School (Discover Your School)

Prince Rupert Middle School (Ministry Data)
Prince Rupert Middle School (Discover Your School)

Charles Hays Secondary School (Ministry Data)
Charles Hays Secondary School (Discover Your School)

Pacific Coast School (Ministry Data)
Pacific Coast School (Discover Your School)

Hartley Bay Elementary-Junior-Secondary (Ministry Data)
Hartley Bay Elementary-Junior-Secondary (Discover Your School)

Independent Schools

Annunciation (Discover Your School)

For those in other communities, this search engine from the Ministry website will take you to your community and offer up information for schools in your region.

You can find more items of interest on Education and on developments with School District 52, from our Education archives.

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