Thursday, October 17, 2013

MLA Rice sends out first "household mailer" of new political adventure

For many a new MLA or MP, the occasion of the first of the "household mailers" is one for the memory books.

The pamphlets delivered direct to our doors, serve as their introduction to the riding and offers a chance to update constituents as to what they have been doing on behalf of the riding they represent.

NDP MLA Jennifer Rice delivers her first of these household updates this week, as her debut pamphlet arrives in local mailboxes around the North Coast.

In it along with a bounty of photographs, she recounts her busy summer of events, a pole raising for Gwaii Haanas, and her efforts to collect books for the library at Bella Bella; destroyed by fire earlier this year.

As well she recounts some of the other items of her summer calendar such things as helping out at Tim Horton's Camp Day and at Prince Rupert's Canada Day celebration.

In the mailer, she introduces the staff of her 3rd Avenue West, North Coast Constituency office, with James and Pauline in place to answer any questions and/or concerns of the North Coast.

And of course the pamphlet offers her up one more chance to thank the voters of the North Coast, outlining some of her thoughts on the trust that they have put in her to represent them in Victoria.

For the most part though, the bulk of the publication provides for a review from the MLA as to her main concerns during the recent, all be it short, session of the Legislature.

Highlighting her role as Rural and Northern Health Critic, Ms. Rice offers up the checklist of some of the items she raised in the Legislature this spring. Questions about the Budget, First Nations Health Care, Addictions and Mental Health services to name a few.

One key issue that receives a bit more attention than the rest in the mailer, is the ongoing quest for a shuttle bus service to serve all of the communities along Highway16, dubbed by some as the Highway of Tears.

That would seem to be a cause she intends to continue to raise in the Legislature in the future (whenever the Legislature may meet next Madam Premier).

Seeking to ensure that the Government follows through on past recommendations to provide safer access to transportation to those that may have in the past relied on hitch hiking, or continue to use that as a mode of transportation in the region.

You can review some of the main discussion points  from the images below (click to enlarge):

If the full mailer somehow doesn't make it to your door, perhaps a trip down to the constituency office might secure you one.  Providing you with a keepsake version, complete with the photo array and keeping you up to date on the discussion points from the MLA for the fall season.

The Mailer isn't the first introduction to the North Coast MLA however, the BC NDP Caucus has been fairly active in promoting the North Coast's representative on it's You Tube portal, some of those profiles can be found below:

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July 22 2013-- Jennifer Rice acknowledges memorials at Shearwater
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July 12 2013-- Jennifer Rice supports a shuttle for Highway of Tears
July 10 2013-- Meet Jennifer Rice, the New NDP MLA for North Coast
July 4 2013-- Jennifer Rice makes her first speech in the legislature

As for developments and news from the Legislature,  you can access more from our Legislature Archive page.

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