Monday, October 21, 2013

Proposed west side development up for discussion Tuesday

If the indications from the September 30th session of council were any indications, Tuesday night's Public meeting on the proposed re-zoning of some land on the West side of the city might make for an interesting night.

At that Council session, a delegation of property owners from the Atlin Avenue region made their disappointment known to Council over the proposal to re-develop land in the area, looking to provide for a change in the nature of the housing there,  to allow for a possible condominium development and/or seniors housing.

The issue it seems isn't particularly the nature of development of those housing options, but the location of them, in this case park land that borders on the old Westview School site, once home to the Transition House on the west side.

The delegation that appeared at the September 30th had more than a few questions for Council to consider, raising a number of issues regarding the proposed development.  They also offered up a fair bit of commentary on the process and in fact, questioned the Mayor and Council why the City was even giving consideration to developing that area at all.

Once their twenty minute presentation had come to an end, the Mayor and a number of councillors thanked the delegation for their interest in the subject and encouraged them to attend the October 22nd session, so as to learn more about the proposals and to ask questions at that time.

You can review that presentation from the City Council Video Archives, the Westview delegation makes their points from the 1 minute to twenty three minute mark.

Considering the heated nature of the commentary from the delegation, we imagine that the lobby of the Lester Centre of the Arts will feature a fairly healthy attendance from 7 to 9 on Tuesday night.

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