Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Administration team back up to full staffing at City Hall

The upper levels of the City's Administration are now back to full levels, with word that the City has hired on a new Corporate Administrator.

Mr. Rory Mandryk was appointed to the position in September, the news of his hiring made as part of the minutes of the September 30th council session, you can find that announcement in the Resolutions from Closed Meetings portion of the minutes.

Mr. Mandryk will take up the duties of office last held by Robert Grodecki, the City's last Corporate Administrator left the city's employ back in May, following rather shortly on the heels of the departure of the former City Financial Officer Dan Rodin.

The departures gates first opened up at city Hall earlier this year, when Gord Howie left for Vancouver Island.

With the arrival of Mr. Mandryk to his office at City Hall, the city has now filled all three top positions on City Staff, bringing to end, for now, the rather sudden season of change for municipal administration.

Previously, Robert Long took up his duties as City Administrator in May, while Ms. Corinne Bomben was appointed to permanent status to the post of City Financial Officer in September.

In most communities, high profile staff additions gain some notice on the City's website, with a little bit of biography material provided on the newest arrival, to go along with a welcome aboard to the new hire.

However, the last few months have provided for little in the way of information flow from the portal at City Hall.

At one point we had gone from August to the start of October, without any new material being provided on city's online information system.

Perhaps we'll learn more about Mr. Mandryk at this evening's session, with at least a public welcome from the Mayor and council as he takes to his new duties.

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