Friday, October 25, 2013

Nathan Cullen announces dates of his "Let's Talk LNG" sessions

Following on the format of his Renewal Northwest tour of February, Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena-BulkleyValley is making preparations for a similar style of forum for the region.

This one  to address the topic of LNG development in the Northwest.

Mr. Cullen outlined the dates so far and a bit of background on his tour of the Northwest, which will see him hold sessions in a number of locations in November.

Marked on the calendar so far, are the following dates and locations for the LNG forums.

Smithers, November 12, 7 PM, Della Herman Theatre

Terrace, November 13, 7 PM, R E M Lee Theatre

Kitimat, November 14, 7 PM, Mount Elizabeth Theatre

Prince Rupert, November 15, 7 PM, Highliner Hotel

Among some of the topics that the MP will be offering up for discussion, the kind of opportunity that LNG might bring to the local economy and workforce. What if any impact that the industry may have on the environment and whether companies involved in the industry will act upon what they hear from First Nations and communities during consultations.

The announcement for the planned sessions advises that a number of other participants will be joining the MP as he travels across the Northwest.

With contributions to be made from the environmental group Friends of Wild Salmon, as well as proponents of LNG development and local First Nations of the Northwest.

Also on the itinerary for the discussions, will be the participation of economic development groups and other partners.

The information sharing sessions are described as seeking to provide for open and educational conversation about what LNG development could mean for Northwest communities.

Also on tap for the tour,  an examination as to what kind of legacy that LNG development may leave for the region.

You can learn more about the November forums from the NDP MP's website.

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