Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Renovations to CT Suite underway at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital

Work on renovations to the CT scan suite at PRRH began last week with Vector Projects Group of Kelowna tasked with the renovation project, which will see the CT Scanner suite at PRRH modernized as part of the 1 million dollar project.

Vector recently completed work on the temporary Medical Clinic project on Haida Gwaii and have been involved in a number of other construction projects in Northern BC.

The anticipated timeline for completion of the Prince Rupert Hospital renovation project would see the required work wrapped up by the spring of 2014.

Funding for the renovation project comes from the Province of British Columbia, North West Regional Hospital District and from Northern Health.

At the moment, CT Scans are taking place at a temporary location in the basement of Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, once the work on the CT Scanner suite is finished, visitors to the hospital will find the updated facility back in its original location at PRRH.

Those with an interest in architectural documentation will find much of interest from the Vector website, which features a number of items regarding the CT Scan suite renovation project (see here)

Details on the project  announcement and other important information regarding CT scans can be found from the Northern Health website.

Work on that renovation however, may perhaps have come to a stop in the short term. Much like many other activities at Prince Rupert Regional this week. That as the staff and maintenance workers at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital deal with a major issue at the health care facility from the weekend.

As we outlined on the blog yesterday, a power surge on Saturday and the associated troubles from it, have reduced services at PRRH. With elective surgeries cancelled and other functions outside of the Emergency room limited in scope.

Prince Rupert Regional Hospital continues to advise residents to limit their visits to the facility, advising that only those seeking Emergency Room care on an urgent basis, should be travelling to the hospital at this time.

No explanation as to the cause of Saturday's power surge has been outlined as of yet, nor has there been a timeline provided, as to when the Hospital will be resuming regular activities.

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