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2018 All Native Basketball Tournament Archive page

Our archive page for news and events related to the Annual All Native Basketball Tournament, set to take place from February 11-17, 2018 in the Russell Gamble Gymnasium at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre Complex.

From the Qualification tournament of November, through to the Big event of February, updates can be found from our archive page listings below.

Tournament Results Page

All Native Tournament Facebook page

All Native Tournament Website

Items of note for the 2018 Tournament


February 22 -- Canada Immigration responds to Haida basketball player's detainment
February 21 -- Two Haida men detained for crossing U.S.-Canada border
February 20 -- Haida people shouldn't need permission to cross Canada-U/S. border within Haida territory, lawyer argues
February 18 -- Thrilling finish to 59th All Native Tournament
February 18 -- All Native Basketball Tournament comes to a history making end
February 17 -- Showdown Saturday, as ANBT prepares for Championship games NCR
February 17 -- All Native Basketball Tournament honours the past, with Hall of Fame Inductions Friday Night  NCR
February 16 -- ANBT Review for Friday (video)
February 16 -- The flavours of All Native
February 15 -- ANBT Review for Thursday (video)
February 14 -- ANBT Review for Wednesday (video)
February 13 -- ANBT Review for Tuesday (video)
February 13 -- Rice apologizes for 'not bad' joke at All Native Opening ceremonies
February 13 -- Jennifer Rice's humour falls flat at ANBT, MLA issues apology to Gingolx Nation  NCR
February 12 -- ANBT Review for Monday (video)
February 12 -- ANBT Opening Ceremonies (video)
February 12 -- Gitxsan drive to the hoop in All-Native Basketball Tournament
February 12 -- Gingolx brings a full house to All Native Opening ceremonies
February 12 -- The 59th All Native Basketball Tournament is now underway
February 11 -- 59th Annual All Native Basketball Tournament -- Scoreboard Watching Archive  NCR
February 10 -- All Native Basketball Tournament preview 
February 9 -- Saturday Basketball Camp ready to bring some game to the Middle School  NCR
February 9 -- Ready for Tip Off! 59th edition of All Native Basketball Tournament launches Sunday  NCR
February 8 -- Teen barred from playing in All Native Basketball Tournament due to residency requirements
February 8 -- Gitmidiik Masters eager for all Native  Basketball Tournament
February 8 -- Gingolx dancers lead All Native opening ceremonies
February 5 -- Best Basketball town per capita


January 30 -- Schedules/Rosters in Place for All Native Tournament  NCR
January 25 -- Masset Magic: A kind act, a big day, and basketball fever
January 16 -- Preparations ramping up for 59th Annual All Native Basketball Tournament  NCR


December 15 -- Teams set for All Native tournament


November 27 -- Six advance to ANBT Tourney in February; following qualifying games NCR
November 23 -- All Native Qualifying Tourney opens today, runs through to Saturday Finals NCR


August 2 -- All Native Basketball Tournament is focus of new Documentary short  NCR

All Native Tournament Archive from 2017
All Native Tournament Results from 2016
Archive of items from 2016

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