Sunday, November 26, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending November 26, 2017

Politics, both municipal and provincial dominated much of the results of our list of Five for the week just passed, with a pair of Civic issues catching the attention of readers over the last seven days.

The latest cancellation of a regularly scheduled City council session found a strong audience, as did the latest items related to the opening of an extreme weather shelter and the Mayor's notes of Friday indicating that he anticipated the Tents at City Hall would be coming down by the end of the weekend.

Provincial politics also provided for strong interest this week, first with our look at a Financial Post article that had a wide focus on resource issues of the Northwest, with some interesting commentary for review from MLA Ellis Ross, as well as a look at Calvin Helin who is one of the proponents of an oil shipment terminal for the region. 

The top story of the last seven days however put the focus on motorists and pedestrians and concerns over road safety in the community, that after a fatality in the city at the height of an intense winter storm on November 17th.

Friday Night Fatality linked to poor weather, visibility -- The heavy rains of last weekend made for treacherous conditions for both pedestrians and motorists, and with the tragic fatality of a Prince Rupert man on Friday night, road safety became a major discussion point for the week. Such has the interest increased on the theme, that a Prince Rupert organization dedicated towards safety and roadway development has asked for public feedback for a survey they are conducting.  (posted November 20 2017)

That article was followed by:

LNG, pipelines and resource development issues make for themes of Financial Post article on Northwest BC -- Two prominent First Nations leaders in the region were the main focus of an expansive interview on resource development in the Northwest, with the Financial Post expanding on the commentary of Skeena MLA Ellis Ross and Lax Kw'alaams Calvin Helin. (posted November 21, 2017)

British Columbia's LNG competitiveness makes for debate in Legislature session -- The work of the Northwest MLA for Skeena also has been of much interest to our readers, with our look at the comments from Liberal MLA Ellis Ross on LNG and the province's competitiveness in the global industry generating a large volume of readers.   (posted November 23, 2017)

Prince Rupert City Council cancels final public session for November; third cancellation of a scheduled meeting for 2017 -- The calendar of scheduled meetings for Prince Rupert City Council normally counts towards a total of 20 public sessions per year. However, this year has seen the city's elected officials take a pass on public session gatherings three times, the most recent one highlighted by the cancellation of the November 27th Council session. (posted November 24, 2017)

Mayor indicates Tent City tents to come down by end of weekend ... Tent City supporters say not so fast! -- As the week came to an end, Prince Rupert's Extreme Weather Shelter had opened and was receiving the homeless from 8PM to 8 AM. With the Centre now in operation, on Friday Prince Rupert Mayor had noted through his social media stream that the tents at City Hall should come down by the end of the weekend. That declaration however met a bit of push back from some of the organizers of the Unity/Tent City housing protest site.  (posted November 24, 2017)

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