Monday, November 27, 2017

MP Nathan Cullen looks for more action on housing following Federal Housing Strategy roll out

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP
Nathan Cullen has weighed in on the
Liberal's National housing strategy
Last week's announcement from the Federal Government of a new national housing strategy is being received by some as more akin to tinkering with the issue, rather than a dedicated approach towards solving it.

That would appear to be theme that Skeena-Bulkley MP Nathan Cullen has been delivering over the last few days, as he provides for the NDP's overview of the federal approach to what is becoming a flash point issue for many communities, including Prince Rupert.

Last week, Mr. Cullen provided for his review of the federal plans, noting some of it was recycled announcements from the past, with a heavy dose of future promises, observing that the affordable housing crisis is a cross Canada concern and has even reached his own constituency.

“The face of homelessness and affordable housing has changed completely over 20 years; we’re seeing tent cities pop up everywhere from Prince Rupert to Toronto.”

The NDP MP offered up the observation that the housing strategy, which will spread out spending over 10 years won't do much to address immediate concerns and seems more designed to provide for an election them for the next federal election cycle.

“The Liberals call this a crisis but they aren’t willing to start spending until after they are safely re-elected"

While he did offer up some praise to the Prime Minister's promise to introduce legislation to recognize housing as a fundamental right, he did note that the Liberal government had dismissed a similar call from and NDP private members bill but a few weeks ago.

“We welcome this change of heart but it seems strange coming just two weeks after the Liberals voted against an NDP private member’s bill to do exactly that.”

You can review Mr. Cullen's full statement here.

More of his commentary on the housing announcement and other issues can be found on our House of Commons archive page here.

The Canada Housing Strategy will be focusing on joint funding ventures with the provinces and territories, municipalities, non profits and other agencies to develop affordable housing.

The strategy will include a number of elements and comes with a vision statement that expands on the ambitions towards improving the housing situation across the country.

The National Housing Strategy is a part of a long-term vision to strengthen the middle class, promote sustainable growth for Canadians, and lift more Canadians out of poverty. The Strategy – funded through new and existing programs – follows a human rights-based approach, and includes a National Housing Co-Investment Fund, community housing initiatives, and the Canada Housing Benefit.

A background piece to highlight some of the main themes for the programs can be found here.

The Federal Government has also released an analysis of their consultation on housing here, it's part of a larger website offering called Let's Talk Housing

The Federal Government's housing launch has also drawn some mixed reviews from the national media, some of the themes on housing and how the Liberals plan to move forward on the issue can be reviewed below:

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You can find more notes related to the Federal announcement from our Political portal D'Arcy McGee, which features archives for notes from Ottawa and Victoria.

More background on housing issues of the Northwest can be reviewed on our housing archive.

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