Monday, November 20, 2017

Friday night Fatality linked to poor weather, visibility

RCMP and other Emergency Response agencies were busy Friday night
responding to a number of calls, including two serious traffic incidents in the city,
one of which has sadly resulted in a fatality.

The heavy rain and reduced visibility that arrived with it could have played a role in a traffic fatality in the city on Friday night, with Prince Rupert RCMP releasing details on an incident which has claimed the life of a 70 year old male.

From information released on Sunday, the local detachment outlined how the 70 year old male had exited his vehicle on 9th Avenue West shortly after 5 PM to remove some debris from the road, at that time he was struck by a vehicle making a left turn onto 9th from McBride Street.

Responding officers and other Emergency personnel attended to the scene, transporting the man to Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, from where he was subsequently airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver. After his arrival in Vancouver however, he later passed away from his injuries.

The RCMP note that at the time of the incident the visibility was extremely poor, owing to the darkness of the night and the extreme nature of the rain falling at the time.

No further information was released in relation to that incident.

The Prince Rupert RCMP continue with their investigation, assisted by the North District Traffic Services unit, should you have any information related to the fatality, you are asked to contact the detachment at 250-627-0700.

Details from the Friday night call can be reviewed from the RCMP information release here.

The incident on 9th and McBride, was the first of two significant incidents of Friday night.

Around 6 PM, Mounties and emergency responders had also responded to a struck pedestrian at Second Avenue West and Third Avenue near the Canada Post building.

No further information has been released related to that traffic incident as well.

With the fall and winter weather bringing reduced visibility, the Prince Rupert RCMP is reminding motorists and pedestrians to exercise extra caution, noting how visibility can be compromised from the elements and oncoming traffic lights from vehicle traffic.

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