Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending November 19, 2017

Housing concerns continued to dominate the news of the week on the North Coast, with the need for affordable housing and emergency shelter sharing some of the attention from our audience.

An indication as to the extremes on the themes of accommodation came as part of our notes on news of two housing proposals for those in need, compared to our review of a home that pushes Prince Rupert close to the million dollar mark.

A few other stories on the week managed to squeeze onto our Top Five listings as well. With but one week to go before a much promoted Lester Centre presentation on the Hays 2.0 plan, Mayor Lee Brain announced that the public engagement session would be postponed until sometime in the New Year.

A bargain hunters favourite event week arrived on Monday, as the North Coast Rotarians put on three days of fundraising through their annual Prince Rupert Rotary Auction.

And the week came to an end with the BC government holding the official launch ceremony for the latest link of the Highway 16 community to community shuttle program, with North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice on hand to represent the government for the BC Transit announcement.

The top story of the last seven days however keeps the housing issues of the community front and centre, as Prince Rupert heard some welcome news when it comes to affordable housing and an emergency shelter program.

Province to allocate 44 modular units for housing need in Prince Rupert; efforts towards winter shelter option to continue  -- Such was the interest on themes of housing and in the growth of the Tent City, that most of our items of the week found large audiences. Included on the list was a look at the history of the North Coast affordable housing files and how Social media became the conduit of information for the past week. The positive announcement of Tuesday from MLA Rice, was followed by the securing of an emergency shelter facility on Friday, with the shelter to open at the old McLean and Rudderham building.  You can review all the notes of the week on the housing issues from our archive page  on the Tent City protest here.  (posted November 14 2017)

That article was followed by:

Prince Rupert edges closer to a million dollar residential listing --While Council members, the MLA for the North Coast and members of the community discussed affordable housing themes, on the west side of town an indication as to how the market has evolved in the city was on display  (posted November 13, 2017)

Blue print deferred: Mayor's Hays 2.0 presentation postponed until New Year -- As the housing themes percolated at City Hall, the week was also noticeable for an announcement by Mayor Lee Brain that his much promoted Hays 2.0 presentation set for November 22nd, was to be postponed until the New Year.  (posted November 15, 2017)

Rotarians put the wrap on another year of the annual Rotary Auction  -- Our look at the always popular November event hosted by Prince Rupert's Rotary club found a large audience as the week ended. With the third of our three notes of the last week related to the event, which put a wrap on Auction week providing for the largest numbers. . (posted November 16, 2017)

MLA Rice hails launch of Highway 16 shuttle service in Terrace -- The BC Government program to provide for safe and affordable transportation celebrated yet another leg of the Highway 16 corridor going into service, with North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice on hand to pinch hit for Transportation and Housing Minister Claire Trevena. With the Terrace to Hazeltons stretch now in place, only Prince Rupert and area remain as holdouts from participation in the government program that now runs from Terrace to Prince George.  (posted November 17, 2017)

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