Monday, February 5, 2018

CityWest seeks out Front line personnel for Northwest offices

CityWest the Prince Rupert based communication company is looking for some front line help for their offices on Third Avenue West in Prince Rupert and for their Terrace office, recently posting  a pair of Help Wanted notices to their website.

The customer Service Representative position ad for Prince Rupert had a closing date of February 4th, but you could always contact the Prince Rupert office to see if that deadline has been extended.

The Terrace opportunity has a closing date of February 11.

Details on how to apply can be found here.

A look at the Qualifications and Experience required for the positions can be reviewed below:

Considering the events of the weekend, today probably wouldn't make for a good training day as residents call in to CityWest the Prince Rupert based communication company to learn more of the communication outage of Saturday night.

But it does offer the opportunity for those working the phones to provide for some customer service to keep the public informed and continue to keep the focus on the ability to react to events with a local presence.

The Loyal to the North theme from CityWest makes for one of its advantages in the competitive communication industry, providing for local offices and personnel who know the complexities of providing for service in the Northwest and can communicate with the public with that local knowledge in place.

You can review some of the past employment opportunities with both CityWest and the City of Prince Rupert from our Employment and Labour archive page here.

For more notes on CityWest see our archive page.

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