Monday, February 5, 2018

New Name, brings New Website, New Logo for North Coast Regional District

With the launch of a new website, the introduction portal to Regional Government on the North Coast has a new look for the world, with the North Coast Regional government taking its Internet link to the world live last week.

The new website is described as just one component of a comprehensive re-branding program taken on by our regional representatives since 2015, coming with new logos and marketing materials to support the name change from Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District, to the new name of North Coast Regional District. 

We highlighted some of the elements to the new logo and website plans in our blog item of January 25, noting at that time the estimated cost of the re-branding program was 56,512 dollars, with it anticipated that another 10,000 dollars would be spent before the project is complete.

Barry Pages, the Chair for Regional District hailed the new face for the Regional District as a new portal that will deliver better communication to residents of the North Coast and Haida Gwaii regions of the District.

 “The North Coast Regional District has optimized the use of our website to facilitate better communications with all residents and audiences,”  ... “We want to ensure we are providing a website with thorough and current information that will serve our residents’ needs.”

The new website feature improved navigation features, better search engine options, it is mobile device compatible and compatible with all major browsers.

The website provides a helpful guide for links to tourism, recycling as well as property development and zoning notes.

In addition to being a vehicle to show the North Coast off to the rest of the world, the new website also will provide for better information flow for such things as bylaw information and  departmental information.

Links to local and First Nations government are also included as part of the menu options

It will also be used to better share word of any Regional District initiatives and news from the District as well as to deliver any emergency preparedness communication that is required.

Regional District is made up of ten directors, two of which are appointed by the City Council in Prince Rupert, Mayor Brain and Councillor Kinney make for the representatives for the city on the North Coast Regional District Board.

Both Prince Rupert representatives received additional compensation for their Regional District duties in 2017.

The organization consists of four electoral districts two on the Mainland of the North Coast (A,C) and two on Haida Gwaii (D,E).

Regional District introduces the changes to residents through this information release, the home page for the new portal can be accessed here.

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