Thursday, February 8, 2018

Highway 16 reopened to traffic from Terrace to Prince Rupert

The Ministry of Highways re-opened Highway 16 Thursday afternoon,
the corridor between Terrace and Prince Rupert had been closed on Wednesday
owing to a High Avalanche Risk

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Highway 16 was re-opened to traffic on Thursday afternoon, with the all clear issued shortly after 2:30 PM allowing traffic to travel the Northwest corridor for the first time in 26 hours.

The road in the area of concern has been reduced to single lane alternating traffic, travellers should expect delays of up to 20 minutes at the site of the work.

The highway had been closed over the noon hour on Wednesday owing to a High Risk of Avalanche along the stretch between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

The Ministry of Transportation also lifted the Road Closed order for the Nisga'a Highway, it too had been closed due to a high Avalanche Risk, travel resumed following the reopening notice at 1:43 PM.

And while the roads are now open, another situation has popped up that could affect residents of Prince Rupert and Port Edward overnight and tomorrow, with Pacific Northern Gas advising of a pressure drop in the line between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

The gas company has asked that residents of the North Coast reduce their use of gas to a minimum while crews investigate the nature of the issues on the gas line.

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