Thursday, February 1, 2018

MLA seeks "Low Bandwidth Nightmare" stories from North Coast constituents

While the future looks pretty bright for residents of Coastal BC and Haida Gwaii when it comes to high speed internet access, it's the present that is on the mind of MLA Jennifer Rice at the moment.

With Ms. Rice looking to hear some "Low Bandwidth Nightmares" stories from those who live on the North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.

The MLA recently issued the call for submissions through her Facebook page, seeking contributions on how low bandwidth has impacted on an ability to work, learn or do commerce from home.  Or if poor internet connectivity has caused difficulties for those that may be taking long distance courses, or consulting a doctor or other medical professional through video.

In a curious bit of timing, the desire to collect the tales of the terrors of the digital world comes not too long after it was announced that CityWest had received Grant Funding to put a Sub Sea Fibre optic link in place between Prince Rupert, Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii.

That project is expected to bring a significant change as to how residents of the Islands and Coastal BC will get access to faster connectivity and more reliable service.

More background to the project can be found here.

A short video outlines what the MLA is looking for when it comes to compiling information on the current level of internet satisfaction.

However, there's no indication as to what it is that the MLA plans to do with her collection of stories once the project is complete.

If you wish to contribute to Ms. Rice's Nightmares of the Internet compilation, contact her at   or leave your comments in the space set aside below the video presentation.

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