Thursday, February 1, 2018

Provincial Government seeks feedback on what upcoming Electoral Reform referendum should look like

Arriving in mail boxes across the region this week is your invitation to help shape the upcoming Electoral Reform referendum, the latest in attempts to change our voting process that is planned for this fall.

The Two sided information cards began to drop into mail slots this week and included on them is some basic information on the process of shaping the referendum with directions to the public engagement site that the province has created to deliver more information on the process and from where you can take the survey.

The deadline for participating in the engagement process is February 28th.

You can log onto the site and take the survey from this link.

The survey is a two part project, Part One asks a number of questions about your values and general outlook at how we vote for members of the British Columbia Legislature and how the Legislature functions.

The Second part of the questionnaire explores more detailed questions about your preferences when it comes to electoral reform, voting systems and the referendum process.

Each section of the survey also offers up the opportunity for participants to include additional feedback should they wish to add to their contribution.

The estimated average time to complete the questionnaire is roughly 10 to 16 minutes.

The overview of the five voting options to be explored can be reviewed below:

The two provincial political representatives in the Northwest are split on the topic of any changeover from the current system, with the proportional representation option, which could be an element of any new voting process making for the most attention.

 In the past, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has spoken in support of the proposed change, while Skeena Liberal MLA Ellis Ross has made a number of strong speeches in the Legislature and elsewhere to outline his concerns over any change to the way we vote.

Electoral reform debate marks time in final week for fall session of Legislature
Legislature hears support for Proportional Representation plan from North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice
Skeena MLA tackles electoral reform proposals during Legislature discussion

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