Monday, May 7, 2018

Community Gambling Grants aid a number of Prince Rupert groups

The Province has delivered funding to a number of Prince Rupert groups
as part of the Community Gaming Grant process, the money is collected  by
the province from Gaming Centres like Chances in Prince Rupert

It's distribution season for the province of British Columbia providing for financial assistance to Community organizations throughout the province by way of the Community Gaming Grant program

Last week found the province heralding the distribution of funding when it comes to human and social services grants, though while the media release was large on what the grants are designed for, there was little in the way of detail as to where the funding, if any had been directed towards organizations or groups on the North Coast.

The notice did however provide a link to the data base of recent grant applications for other areas of note and from that archive is a snapshot of some of the funding that has come to the region up to January of this year.

Eight Prince Rupert and area groups are listed in the funding announcement from Thursday, with the  largest share of the North Coast money directed towards the Northern British Columbia Museum Association. Other groups to receive funding include AFFNO, Jazz Productions and a number Parent Advisory Councils with SD51.

The most recent distribution of those revenues from the period of April 1 2017 to January 8 2018, which is the provincial government's fiscal year looks as follows:

Port Edward

Port Edward Elementary School PAC -- $280.00

Prince Rupert 

Northern British Columbia Museum Association --  $56,000
Association des Francophones et Francophiles du Nord-Ouest -- $17,500
JPA Jazz Productions Association of British Columbia -- $17,000

Charles Hays Parent Advisory Council -- $12,480
Conrad Elementary School PAC --  $4,400
Lax Kxeen Elementary PAC --  $3,360
Pacific Coast School Parent Advisory Council -- $1,380

The full breakdown of grant distribution for the province can be reviewed here

The province also distributes a share of Gambling revenues to host municipalities, last year the Province forwarded $372,233.81 to the City of Prince Rupert, providing for the city's share of the money received from Chances.

That amount made for a 100,000 dollar decline from the grant level of the year before.

Host municipalities receive ten percent of the net casino gaming revenue from centres within their jurisdiction.

Considering how few entries there are from the North Coast, a number of local groups and organizations may be missing out on a chance to obtain funding, simply by not putting in an application.

And towards that situation, there are a few deadlines to keep in mind:

Community Gaming Grants

Arts and Culture - February 1 to April 30 
(Final notification July 31)

Sport - March 1 to May 31 
(Final Notification August 31)

Public Safety -  July1 to August 31 
(Final notification November 30)

Human and Social Services - August 1 to November 30
(Final Notification February 28)

Environment - July 1 to August 31
(Final Notification November 30)

PAC and DPAC Grants

Apply from April 1 to June 30
(Final Notification September 30)

Capital Project Grants

Apply from June 1 to July 31
(Final Notification October 31)

To learn if your group or organization may qualify for future grant opportunities, the province has more items of note related to the application process available here.

For more items of note from the Legislature see our archive page here.

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