Friday, January 7, 2022

Use of Mutual Aid agreement noted by Port Edward, with District Firefighters on stand by should Prince Rupert require assistance

The current spike in COVID cases impacting on the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department has provided for an opportunity for the District of Port Edward to make note of an agreement with the City of Prince Rupert towards provision of mutual aid.

The District outlining the nature of the arrangement, while also offering their best wishes to the now isolated Prince Rupert Fire Fighters  in a social media post on Thursday.

Yesterday, the City of Prince Rupert expanded on the current situation facing the city's twenty member Fire/Rescue service, adding that among the provisions for service is an interim agreement with the District, that could see the  potential call for assistance from the District and the use of their thirteen member volunteer force.

The statement offered no further details from the City side of the discussion related to how long the interim arrangement will be in place, or if that current arrangement will be expanded to a more formal and permanent mutual aid process.

As part of their information notes, the District of Port Edward has also directed its residents (and those from outside the district borders) of the Port Edward Volunteer Force Facebook page, a helpful guide to some of the work of the dedicated volunteers from the Fire Hall.

You can access those notes here.

For more items of interest on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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