Friday, November 10, 2017

Culinary career for former Rupertite at full heat in Alberta

A former Rupertite is making his mark in the Canadian
culinary scene, with Blake Flann recently winning
a Gold Medal in an Alberta competition

A former Prince Rupert resident is making a name for himself as part of Alberta's vibrant cuisine scene, both through his work at his eponymous Canmore restaurant and through success in a recent Alberta competition.

Blake Flann, who moved to the Banff/Canmore area following his studies at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and some work on the West Coast recently took part in the Calgary session of the Canadian Culinary Championships.

The event is a fundraising project to assist Canada's Olympic athletes and brings attention to some of the up and coming chefs in the nation.

The former Rupertite impressed the judges at that Calgary event and claimed the Gold Medal for his culinary creation edging out ten other competitors, from his success Flann will now move on to the Canadian Championship set to take place in February of 2018.

His winning creation featured Gochujang Lacquered Pork Belly and Prawn Paper with peanut, ramen, pickled prawn and egg yolk and proved to be a unanimous pick of the six judges on hand for the event.

The Okanagan finale is where he will put his creations to the test of the judges in his quest to be name Best Chef in Canada.

The Top Chef and his Gold Plate

Some background on his success in the Calgary competition can be found here.

What's ahead in the 2018 Canadian Championships in Kelowna can be reviewed here

Since, making the move from Prince Rupert to embark on his culinary career, he has settled in the Canmore area, with Mr. Flann having opened his own dining establishment, Blake in the fall of 2016.

It adds to the upscale dining options in the hectic tourist based economy and has become part of the thriving social scene in the community nestled in the Bow Valley with the Rocky Mountains providing for the daily backdrop.

Prince Rupert's Blake Flann's Canmore restaurant 

You can get a glimpse of what the restaurant has to offer and learn more about the chef and his creations from the website for Blake.

Rupertites can also keep up to speed on what's up with the Chef through the Facebook page and twitter feed.

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