Thursday, November 9, 2017

Prince Rupert's Tent City Archives

A protest camp was set up at Prince Rupert City Hall on November 8th,
with organizers looking to draw attention to the homeless situation and
need for more affordable housing in the community.

With the housing situation now front and centre at City Hall, with a reminder available every morning for the Mayor and Council to review, we will track any developments on the issue as the tent city protest moves forward.

Below we'll archive the range of stories and background items related to the tent encampment that has been put in place at City Hall, along with items of note on any progress related to the Housing issues that have been brought forward by the camp and those that have organized it.

The Archive will be anchored in our North Coast Extra Edition listings as part of our right hand column offerings.


November 29 -- Dismantling of City Hall Tent City, gives birth to new community based Society for the homeless  NCR
November 27 -- BC Housing reveals cost to run two homeless shelters
November 24 -- Mayor indicates Tent City tents to come down by end of weekend .. Tent City supporters say not so fast!  NCR
November 24 -- Homeless shelter opens with 25 beds
November 23 -- Rupert Shelter update (video)
November 23 -- Prince Rupert's extreme Weather Shelter off to Smooth Start
November 23 -- Tent City movement continues to grow in week two
November 22 -- Poverty Strategy overdue
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Extreme Weather shelter (video)
November 17 -- Location picked for Prince Rupert's Extreme Weather Shelter
November 17 -- City announces new emergency winter shelter location
November 17 -- Prince Rupert Emergency Shelter site set for McLean and Rudderham building NCR
November 16 -- Button's for Rupert's homeless (video)
November 16 -- Province's housing announcement features Prince Rupert plans, along with news for Terrace and Vernon  NCR
November 15 -- Housing, a basic right
November 15 -- Rupert Homeless housing (video)
November 15 -- "I'm still cold': Homeless underwhelmed by plan to build new housing in Prince Rupert after winter ends
November 15 -- Prince Rupert gets housing for the homeless
November 14 -- A short-term answer for Prince Rupert's Homeless (video)
November 14 -- Help for the homeless coming to Prince Rupert (audio)
November 14 -- City to receive 44 units for homeless, and the search for an emergency shelter
November 14 -- Province to allocate 44 modular unites for housing need in Prince Rupert; efforts towards winter shelter option to continue NCR
November 14 -- Tent City Message (video)
November 14 -- Prince Rupert Council to discuss Shelter, Housing and Tent City tonight
November 14 -- A view on the homeless situation from our northern neighbours in Ketchikan NCR
November 14 -- Prince Rupert's Housing focus since 2014 election; much discussion, few solutions NCR
November 14 -- City Council Preview: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 NCR
November 13 -- Social media streams telling the story of Prince Rupert's Tent City  NCR
November 10 -- 'A lot of them have been sleeping in garbage bins': new camp shows negative side of economic growth
November 10 -- North Coast MLA to provide housing update at Tuesday's Council session NCR
November 9 -- Prince Rupert Tent City protest (video)
November 9 -- Politicians react to Prince Rupert tent city 
November 9 -- Rice responds to Prince Rupert's mini tent city
November 9 -- As tents go up, Prince Rupert finds itself off the housing radar with Victoria  NCR
November 9 -- In comments on Prince Rupert Tent City, MLA Rice points to Liberals; highlights NDP achievements and plans  NCR
November 8 -- Statement from MLA Jennifer Rice
November 8 -- Statement from Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain
November 8 -- Prince Rupert Residents bringing Shelter Awareness at City Hall (audio)
November 8 -- Tents Pitched outside Prince Rupert City Hall to Bring Awareness to Homelessness
November 8 -- Tents raised outside city hall to draw attention to homelessness
November 8 -- Tent City protest sets up at City Hall  NCR

For a look at some of the past discussions related to Housing in the Northwest, see our archive page on Housing issues.

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