Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Port of Prince Rupert makes use of video presentations as recruitment tool

Video presentations about life on the North Coast 
and career opportunities with the Port of Prince Rupert 
are part of the Port's approach to employee recruitment
(screenshot from Port video)

In a competitive employment sector, the Port of Prince Rupert is taking to video to showcase the City of Prince Rupert and work at the Port, showing off the community and the change in career options that it has to offer.

With the short snapshots of North Coast life providing the mix of employment opportunities with the many benefits and advantages that Prince Rupert offers those that may wish to relocated North.

The balance between work and social and natural opportunities runs through the course of two video presentations, both tied in this week to a job opportunity related to a Business Development Associate position currently listed with the Port.

The videos and job descriptions for positions available are part of the Port's website.

The videos take you on a tour of the many career opportunities that are can be found at the Port and the impact that the development of the Port facilities is having across Northern British Columbia.

It also delivers a powerful testimony to the Port's growing footprint in Prince Rupert and how the jobs it has provided in the past and plan for the future will continue to change the economic balance for the region.

You can review the full presentations below:

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