Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rivers Forecast Centre puts Bulkley Valley on Flood Warning

Map of  Bulkley River from Smithers to Burns Lake
(from Angler's Atlas)

Swift flowing rivers and waring temperatures accelerating the snow melt in Northwest mountains have combined to put the Bulkley Valley into Flood Warning mode, with the latest update from the Rivers Forecast Centre calling for conditions to continue through the weekend.

The Smithers and Houston areas of the Northwest are the focus for the moment with the warning upgraded today to include the tributaries of the Bulkley River System.

The Key Elements of note for the next few days for those two communities include:

Bulkley River near Houston (08EE003) is flowing at 270 m3/s (20-year flow) and rising. 

Continued rises are expected on Thursday and Friday up to 300-350 m3/s Bulkley River near Smithers (08EE005) is flowing at 1250 m3/s (20-year flow) and a gauge height of approximately 5.5m. 

The rate of rise has been easing and additional rises in the 5-10 cm range at the gauge are expected into the middle of Thursday. Warming weather into the weekend may lead to additional rises

The most recent report for the Bulkley Valley area and points east can be reviewed here.

News reports out of the region indicate that officials are keeping an eye on the situation and will advise residents accordingly.

Bulkley River Flood warning
Rising water closes Perimeter trail
Perimeter Trail closure in Smithers
Smithers Flood watch and Bulkley Valley Fair Grounds Closure
Flood warning now in place for Bulkley River in Houston, Smithers
Flood Warning issues for Bulkley River
Flood Watch advisory issued for Houston Area

The Town of Smithers is updating residents through their website

As is the District of Houston

You can also access any emergency information for that area from the Emergency Info BC twitter feed

The forecast for discharges for the Skeena, Kitimat and Nass systems do not indicate anything at this point that have given the Rivers Forecast Centre cause for alarm.

You can learn more about the work of the Rivers Forecast Centre here.

Those travelling through the area can monitor the Drive BC website and twitter feed for any other updates related to road travel through the region.

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